Our Process

The process we follow in servicing our customers is basic and specific to the industry. We have enumerated these steps below:

Step 1:

This is an introductory step where we get to know YOU. We begin with a consultation, be it in person or virtually, to get acquainted with you and your intentions. During this initial meeting we would complete what is known as a ‘Fact Find,’  which allows us to get more information about you and your objectives. This enable us to ensure that our recommendations match your needs and circumstances. Step 1 requires that you provide original documents to substantiate your financial position and to verify your identity.

Step 2:

Within this step an appropriate duration is given to cases that require days for processing. Let us explain. It usually takes time to get the correct solution that matches your personal situation with an affordable lender, sometimes a couple of hours is all it takes for a straight forward case. However, with some scenarios a day or two may be required to find you the most suitable option/s. After extensive research has been done to find the cheapest and most suitable product that matches your circumstances, we are than able to proceed to arranging a *Pre-Approved Mortgage.


*Pre-Approved Mortgages are subject to full underwriting by the Lender and involve: confirming affordability and checking documents such as your last 3 months’ pay slips, Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and other documents. 


Step 3:

Now that you know your finances are in place, you can find your dream home and make offers with confidence. As your advisor, we are able to assist you with the offer process by speaking with your chosen estate agent to confirm that you are financially able to proceed with the purchase.



Step 4:

Once your offer is agreed upon, you are now able to submit a full application and instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf.

Step 5:

The lender will underwrite your case, and your advisor will liaise with the lender to provide any requested information that will enable your loan’s approval.  Once the lender fully agrees to lend the amount required for your purchase, they will issue a ‘Mortgage Offer.’ Parallel to the mortgage process, your solicitor will be carrying out legal work which, once completed, allows you to close the sale with appropriate contracts and deadlines. Lastly, you will agree upon a date to pick up the keys to your new home!