Case studies

Sixteen years of experience comes with many examples and case studies. Here are five that might interest you.

Mother who already owns property and wants to help her son buy his first home:

Before they sat down with a Percom Financial Services mortgage advisor they struggled to obtain a mortgage on the High Street due to the mothers outstanding mortgage commitments as well as insufficient income available for the son to be able to buy on his own.

After completing the Percom advice process the clients were recommended a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage with a high street lender.

To add complexity to this case they needed to complete the purchase before the stamp duty holiday period ended.

Fortunately the Percom mortgage advisor facilitated the loan to be offered within just a few weeks of submitting the full mortgage application and the clients were able to proceed to complete in time to avoid paying extra stamp duty tax.

Existing client wants help with first buy to let:

An existing client of ours approached us for help in securing a buy to let property with 20% deposit. The client had failed to obtain finance when they went to their own bank, due to the level of deposit available. Offering a comprehensive range of products from across the market, the advisor was able to find the most suitable lender who could consider lending to first-time landlords with just 20% deposit. These happy customers have since recommended their friends to Percom Financial Services who have assisted them in purchasing their first buy to let property also.


First-time buyer limited deposit and impaired credit rating:

When this client sat down with the Percom mortgage advisor they explained that they had previously been denied a mortgage after going direct to their own bank as well as trying with the advisor recommended by the selling agent. The client was advised that they would have to find more deposit and could only get a mortgage from a non-high street lender. After completing the advice process the Percom mortgage advisor was able to find a high street solution without the client having to put down extra deposit.

Unprotected homeowner needs mortgage, income protection and family income benefits.

Recently we had a referred client who visited us to obtain advice on setting up cover to ensure that if the worst were to happen, a tax free benefit would be paid out to their estate ensuring that their mortgage debt would be repaid in the event of death or suffering a critical illness. After a thorough fact find meeting took place, the client was recommended cover from the cheapest provider available on the Percom Financial Services protection panel. The client now has peace of mind that their children will be able to keep their home and not be forced to sell if  the client dies or is unable to work due to illness.

A family income benefit policy was also recommended and taken to ensure their children’s appointed guardians will receive a monthly tax free benefit enabling them to keep up with current lifestyle costs and can also ensure future plans for university and other goals can still be achieved.

Purchase of a semi commercial property consisting of a retail unit and two flats above:

New clients, who had been recommended by an existing client, wanted to buy a semi commercial property with a shop and two flats above. Prior to meeting the Percom Financial Services advisor, the clients had already had an accepted offer. But with just 25% deposit available they were looking to secure the best rate in order to maximise the profit from their investment. After completing the Percom Financial Services sales process they were recommended a deal from a specialist non-high street lender.

They had tried two high street banks prior to sitting down with Percom Financial Services, including their own bank. However, due to not having a business relationship with their bank they were declined finance. Fortunately, with the wide choices of lenders available on the Percom Financial Services panel these clients were able to gain finance to be able to proceed with their purchase.